In May 1999, one young architecture professional initiated an informal exchange among a handful of acquaintances, simply by typing and sending a short email message. That message emphasized the importance of communication among young professionals ourselves before we could work effectively or knowledgeably towards improving the profession of architecture. The email exchange expanded and soon took on the name "ArchVoices," representing the many 'voices' of our profession.

Since then, ArchVoices has grown by leaps and bounds, however, our core services--providing ideas, news, resources, and hope about the future of the profession--remain the same.

ArchVoices is many different things to many different people. As a nonprofit organization, we promote and provide opportunities for young professionals, and as a think tank, we unite unique perspectives on issues affecting architectural education and internship.

With your help, we hope to continue and expand our efforts in the years to come.

ArchVoices is an independent, nonprofit organization and think tank on architectural education, internship, and licensure. It exists to foster a culture of communication through the collection and dissemination of information and research.More specifically, ArchVoices:

publishes timely and relevant news, resources, and editorials;

conducts annual surveys of the profession;

compiles data and research on architecture and other licensed professions; and

hosts regular conferences to stimulate and inform ongoing national discussions.